7 Top Freelance Talent For 2017 And Beyond

When aperson mentions the term freelance, they often picture peoplelike me… The writer.

But freelance can entail many various skills. And as of late, I have taken on some other freelance contracts that are not necessarily writing oriented. They are more SEO oriented and social websitesrelated.

I have done a number of studiesand found the tasks that outsourcers are seeking freelancers for. Many of these pay quite well.

If you know how to perform any of these services, you may chooseto add them to your resume and portfolio.

These are the 7 top freelance skills for 2017 and beyond…

Freelance Skill #1: User Experience Designers

When website visitors have a bad experience, they probably will not come back. Website owners know that the user experience is a dramatically important piece of the puzzle. So, they are contracting freelance designers to develop products and services that enhance the buyer experience.

Freelance Skill #2: Twilio API

Language development is huge right now. If you have the knowledge and skill to manage Twilio, you may obtainsome high paying jobs developing systems that use natural languages integrated into the business software.

Freelance Skill #3: Ecommerce Platform Development

Since more and more consumers are shopping online, businesses must ensure their ecommerce platforms are solid. One of the primary platforms that outsourcers are seeking developers for is Shopify. If you can build apps and sites, there are many people looking for your services.

Freelance Skill #4: Managing Social Media

Managing social media can be time consuming. Most businesses have chose to utilize freelancers to handle the social media chores.

If you have a handle on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and others, you can promote those skills to the highest bidder.

Freelance Skill #5: Content Creation

There are many people who think they oftenwrite, and I am sure most can; but it takes a special breed to be able to write content for websites and blogs that is fun and exciting to read.

There are tricks in making your content easy to read online. People are skimmers and scanners, so we have to write in a way that grabs the attention of the scanner.

Freelance Skill #6: Programming Of All Kinds

Be it MySQL, Python, Angular JS development, R Development or various other programming challenges, people need you.

Many programmers have set out on their own and rightfully so… They can make a lot of money freelancing.

Freelance Skill #7: Animation

This has always been needed beyond thatgrown even bigger. Animators for games, film, icons, infographs and more are always desired.

And Others

Those are the top 7, but it doesn’t stop there. Other skills that are wanted incorporates:

Swift development


Instagram marketing

Virtual assistant

Business consulting

Lead generation

3D rendering

and Customer support

If you have these skills, I suggest you build your brand and you may be amazed at how much money you can make.


Are there any other skills you would add? Do you have any questions?

You can post any and all below.

Thank you.


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